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Applying physiology in your practice (Module 1b of CK diploma)

Dates: Friday & Saturday 4th & 5th September 2015
Location: Classical Kinesiology Institute, Leicester
Tutor: Terry Larder

Cost: 215 payable in full View How to Enrol and Pay

This course is suitable for any kinesiologist. It is a stand-alone course suitable for CPD.

This short course is a practical A & P course with a difference. The emphasis is on physiology, and you learn some anatomy en route. Rather than ask you to regurgitate information from a textbook, this will build your confidence that you can help and understand your clients' symptoms in a new way.

Your questions will be answered on:

How does this apply to the clients that walk into my clinic?

Will the information I learn enable me to be a more astute practitioner?

How can I identify what is happening to a client physiologically?

Course content includes systems that you need to know about to help common issues your clients present with. Presentations on the following topics and more:
The liver and Gall bladder
How do cells become cancerous?
What is happening physiologically when oedema is present
In depth discussion on the interaction of hormones
Energy production
Physiological changes with arthritis
The mechanisms involved in maintaining blood pressure

Course participants will analyse case histories in groups and identify possible causes of symptoms that could be then assessed for using kinesiology.

NB.Applying physiology in your practice is also part of the accredited Anatomy & Physiology Home study & Tutored Programme Anatomy & Physiology Homestudy and Tutored Course
should be taken on completion of the home study (or after attending the advanced kinesiology module if applicable).
This 2-day course should also be taken by all students who are exempt from the home study as this is needed for the Classical Kinesiology Diploma (Dip.ClassK).

This is a previous course (archived)

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