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The Classical Kinesiology Institute - kinesiology courses, tutors and practitioners

Kinesiology, discovered in the last century, is the most exciting assessment tool for identifying underlying causes of health disorders and for finding the most successful treatment for an individual. Awareness in its health benefits is dramatically increasing. Kinesiology techniques are unique and extraordinary in their power.

Used by successful professionals in medical healthcare, such as some doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nutritionists, herbalists, aromatherapists and reflexologists, kinesiology has proven to be highly successful in unravelling serious or stubborn health problems that have defied orthodox medicine and even natural medicine.

Our kinesiology (combined with naturopathy) courses and related subjects are suitable for:
  • Existing practitioners in another healthcare field who would like to add muscle response testing skills to their continuing professional development
  • Those already trained in kinesiology who would like to learn new techniques to add to their existing skills

  • CKI kinesiology training includes tried and well researched methods together with the latest discoveries. Courses include methods of how to identify underlying causes of being unwell and major obstacles that prevent recovery of health. They are designed to help anyone trained in kinesiology to develop their skills and really make a difference to their clients.

    The Classical Kinesiology Institute provides training courses recognised by the UK professional bodies, The Kinesiology Federation and The Association of Systematic Kinesiology.

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